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Private Classes

Yoga Privates - CHF 150
1:1 allows you to clean your house in earnest. You will be put into restorative poses and taught how to self soothe yourself. It builds a great foundation to create an own home practice and it also helps you tremendously to find better integration in your public classes. You don't need to bring your own mat. The class can be taught in German or English. The privates always take place at Orbit 6. Please contact me directly for an appointment info@aylarealhealth.com , 24h cancellation policy.
Daoist Face Reading - CHF 150
Contact me for an individually tailored Daoist face reading.
In this reading we will look at your potential, your powers and your life purpose.
This is not fortune telling, much more it is an understanding of your very own blueprint.
Please send me 4 pictures at least a few days before the reading: 2 frontal (one smiling, one not smiling) and 2 from the side so one can see each ear.
Thank you
The reading takes place at Orbit 6.
If you prefer a Zoom, I‘ll send you a link.
24 hours cancellation policy.

Public Classes

Dynamic Katonah - Tuesdays - CHF 35 per person
This class is for everyone who wants to build their practice. The class is taught in English and guides you to move through the Katonah Yoga practice with a effort and grace. You don't need to bring your own mat. The classes always take place at Orbit 6.
24 hours cancellation policy.
Katonah Thursday semi private 7 ppl only - CHF 45 per person
In this class we will work in a more private and intimate setting with a lot of props and adjustments. I will be able to take care of you individually similar to a private.7/8 people only!
24 hours cancellation policy.
Gentle Katonah Yoga semi private - CHF 45 per person
This Yoga is designed for people with injuries, recovering from injuries, beginners, elder and those who feel rather stiff. I take a max of 8 people. Expect lots of adjustments and props.
Dynamic Katonah - Saturday - CHF 35 per person
In this class we will work as usual with the body as a house, the organization of our mind, body, breath and will induce the practice with some props.
24 hours cancellation policy.

Space Rental

Privates 1:1 Space Rental 60 min. - CHF 38
Privates 1:1 Space Rental 75 min. - CHF 48
Privates 1:1 Space Rental 90 min. - CHF 57
Class Space Rental 60 min. - CHF 52
Class Space Rental 75 min. - CHF 64
Class Space Rental 90 min. - CHF 76
Class Space Rental 120 min. - CHF 104